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VALX 13t Axle

VALX axle strengths
Load 13 Tons/axle, no maintenance required for hub system within 2 service years or 100,000 KM.
A new braking system with braking ability improved 30%.
VALX 10 t axle is 50~60KG lighter per piece than traditional axle.
VALX hub system is easy for assembling and disassembling, the brake linings can be replaced with 4 steps.

The perfect combination of innovation and manufacturing technology
Manufacturing precision of the wheel hub is higher than the European standard, which ensures precise preloaded bearing and the bearing load-carrying uniform. When remove the wheel hub, the circlip keeps the oil seal and bearing within the hub together to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of the wheel component.
VALX brake system designed by European famous brake expert professor Andrew has sensitive braking efficiency, stable mechanical and thermal properties, low peak stress and low noise, etc.
The oil seal developed by SKF dedicated for VALX axle is featured with long life and high temperature resistant performance, which can prevent effectively the dust and moisture from getting into the wheel inside.
High precision bearings with high quality fully synthetic extreme pressure grease (working temperature range - 40 ℃ ~ + 170 ℃), improves bearing life and reduces the cost greatly.

The most comprehensive test since the beginning of industry history
Bench and fatigue tests were carried out for all critical components and axle assembly in UK MIT vehicle technology testing center in accordance with the highest standard of the industry.
Stringent site tests for durability were conducted in three world recognized big automotive proving ground (MIRA Motor Industry Research Association (UK) proving ground, Holland DAF proving ground and China Dingyuan proving ground) were the most rigorous test the.
Loading field experiment was carried out on various types of trailer. From mountain road to Arctic Circle, from flat-bed trailer to tank truck, the axles experienced test on different road, different load and different vehicle models to ensure that they achieve the desired durability and reliability under different conditions.
VALX axle has now become a standard configuration of the European trailer factories, and gained consistent recognition of European large logistics companies.
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